The Great Big Book Of Algebra

Tuesday, December 16, 2008
Capter 1

Adding Integers
(picture poem)

adding addding
one plus one
two of the same sighn
gives you a posative
two of different signs
give you a ngative number
addining is easy
and lots of fun

Subtarting Integers

takeing,removing,go away
five minus five equals

Partative Division

negative one and
negative two partative
is two groups of one

Quotative Division

divide,grouping,how many
always makes me mad

Prats Integer Law
(free verse)

Two of the same
sighn will give you
a posative number
and two different sighns
will give you a negative
numberand that is
Pratt's law

Chapter 2

Bob: laura canyou come here pleas i need help whith these math questions!

laura: Ok what is the first question?

Bob: n + 6 + 5 n + 12

Laura: Ok i think i know how to do that.

Bob: great how?

Laura: first you group all the like terms

Bob: ok like n+5n+6+12

Laura: ya now you simplify even more by combinding like terms

Bob: ok like ... 6n+18?

Laura: Yes vary good! What is the next question?

Bob: 3(6+n)+8

Laura: ok i know how to do that one i will show you

Bob: ok thankyou

Laura: what do you think the first step is?

Bob: multiplying 3 by six and 3 by n to get 18+3n+8?

Laura: Yes good job!

Bob: ok then you just combind the like terms to get 18+8+3n and then further simlify it to get 26+3n?

Laura: Yes yes yes! see you knew how to do it all along!

Bob: huh ya i guese i did

Laura: ok is that all you need help with?

Bob: ya i can do the rest now thanks to you.

Laura: ok glad i could help.

Bob: Bye

Laura: Bye


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