The Great Big Book Of Algebra

Thursday, December 18, 2008
Addig Integers

0Integers have hair own rules
you use zero pairs
positives and negatives
throw the zero pairs around.

Subtracting Integers

subtracting property
subtracting your integers
will help you get smart

Partitive Division

divide into groups
is partitive division
sharing evenly.

Pratt's Law

to do this law you have to
remember s.s+
it means if both signs are the same
the integer is a positive
if both the integer signs are
different it is a negative.

Quotative Division

first you need to figure out how
many fours go into six
you also should use lots of picks
just so you don't get into a mix.


john: Hey seburn can you help me with something?
Seburn:What do you want help for?
john:I need help answering n+3-5n+12?
Seburn:I can show you how to do it but you have to give me something.
John:like what do you want?
Seburn: I will tell you later let's do the question.
John: Okay let's do it.
Seburn: I think the answer is -4n+15


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