Great big book of algebra

Sunday, December 14, 2008
Adding integers
Adding integers
Put two and two together
Combining numbers

Subtracting integers
Subtracting integers
reducing, difference
taking,switching, adding
switching subtraction to adding
Add the opposite

Partitive division
Share between
it's like dealing cards
going back and forth
making even parts
i don't really like math
But i have to go down this path

Chapter two Combining
Like Terms

Son: Mom can you help me

Mother: Sure what do u need my help with

Son: My math homework

Mother: Oh what are u doing and what questions do you need help with

Son: Well we are combining like terms and Distributive Property, I need help with this question and there is a few more...

Mother: Wait. Lets just start with that question first what is the question.

Son: It is n + 3 minus 5 n + 12 .

Mother: Ok what do u think you have to do first

Son: I think I have to...? Ummm Combined the like terms?

Mother: Thats right! Good Job. So it is n + 5n in one bracket with 12 and 3 in the other. Then what?

Son: Well I need two different terms so i should solve the brackets.

Mother: Okay how would you do that then?

Son: Well n + 5n is -4n?

Mother: Good Job. and in the other bracket?

Son: Oh that is easy. 12 plus 3 is 15

Mother: So what is your answer?

Son: -4n + 15

Mother: Good...

Son: Ok The next question is 2 + 4 (3 n + 8)

Mother: Why don't you go try that one then if you need help just call me

Son: Ok i think i get it now so I mite not need your help. Thanks mom

Mother: Your very welcome



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