The Great Big Book of Algebra

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Adding Integers (picture)

is very
and it
also gives the total
the sum,and also
what increased
its okay if adding
may be
but when
you really
know it
you'll be
able to
show it

Subtracting (picture)

If you want to know when you're subtracting

always memorize the sign. When you see it
you'll believe it that you're reducing/subtracting

Partitive (Haiku)

A partitive is..
the time when you share in groups/
how much in each group

Quotitive (Haiku)

Just remember that
negative groups don't exist
and cannot be done

Pratt's Integer Law (Tanka)

Always remember
When there is an odd amount
Sum is negative
or if it's even amount
the product is positive

Chapter 2

Hi Shiroken!
Hey Mai...
"Huh?Whats wrong?"Mai asked
"Well I'm stuck on a question from my homework that's kind of due tomorrow"
"Um...i guess that is kind of bad....can i see it?"she asked
"Um yea sure go ahead" he said handing it to her
"Hm so the question your stuck on is 2+3(n+3)?"she said reading
"Yeah....i don't really know what to do on this question"he said desperately
"Okay well the first you have to do distributive property and here's how to do distributive property, first you have to multiply the 3 with the numbers inside the brackets"
"Okay whats next?"he asked
"Multiply them of course"
"Oh yeah i knew that..."he said nervously
"Yeah...right...well when you multiply 3 with n you get?"
"Um n3?"
"No, no, no it's supposed to be 3n okay remember that"she said
"Um okay"
"Now you multiply the 3 with the +3 inside the brackets"
"Now I'm guessing that the answer is 9?"
"Yep that's right, now you just bring down the 2 and now you have what do you do next?"
"Uhhh.....i don't know..."he said quietly
"Okay I'll tell you, now we group like terms"she said confidently
"Okay now how do we do that?"he asked
"Well it's not all that hard...all you really do is group the same type of the first number with all the other numbers that are the same"
"Yeah that's basically all you do"
"Wow okay... now it looks like 2+9+3n"
"Yep that's correct now you add the 2 normal integers"
" becomes 11?"he said
"Yes that's right now put them together the right way"she said in a competitive voice
"So it's 11+3n?"
"Yes that's right but i think the 3n should be first so it's 3n+11"
"Oh okay...."
"Now that was easy wasn't it?"
" lets go to the park!"he said in a happy voice
"What!? your not done the rest of the homework!"she yelled
"Ahh...I'll do it later...come on I'll push you on the swings okay?"he said smiling
"Ugh..fine but you better get all those questions right"she said as she groaned and followed him out the door.

*Notice please read* computer isn't working properly and I can't insert the video from

For chapter 3 i have to show you how to multiply, divide, add, and subtract. So instead of making pictures on paint i took pictures like how mr.h suggested we do.
Additive type:

this is the picture of how to add....i know its kind of blurry so i'll type the question down. The question was -9+n=-15.

D Type:

this was the second one i took...this is dividing and the question was 15n=180

Multiplicative Type:

this was the third one and this deals with multiplying so the question is 1/9n=6...

Subtractive Type:

this is subtracting....the question was n-(-8)=21..

And last but not to verify...

Hey well this is a video about how to use algebra tiles, well i hope you like it.


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