The Great Big Book of Algebra

Thursday, December 18, 2008
Chapter 2

Philip: Hello there Dwight!
Dwight:(sigh) Hi Philip....
Philip:oh..whats wrong?
Dwight:I cant figure out this algebra equation
Philip:well then maybe I can help. Whats the question?
Dwight:I doubt it but you can give it a shot if you like.
Dwight: n+3-5n+1 , I can't figure it out!
Philip:Okay, so first, what do you think the awnser is?
Dwight: I keep getting -6n+15 but I don't know if it is right!
Philip: hhmm. That does not seem right. Let me check.....Okay!
Dwight: you got the awnser!?
Philip: yup! Well to start your awsner was wrong! the awnser is -4n+4.. Now let me show you how I got that. First you would rewrite the question and combine the like terms like so
"-5n+n+3+1" then you simplify! so you will end up with this "-4n+4" .
Dwight: Oh! now I see. Thanks Philip!
Philip: no problemo. See you later Dwight!
Dwight: Wait! . uhhmm Philip?
Philip:Yes Dwight?
Dwight: Uhhhmm.... coudl you help me with another one?
Philip:Of course!
Dwight:Alright heres the question 2 + 4(3n+8) .
Philip: ahhh... distributave property!
Dwight:exactly I just don't know how to do it! This is what I keep getting 12n + 10 , but im not sure about it.
Philip: hhhhmmm. well let me have a go at it. Ohh. I see where your going wrogn Dwight.
see the awnser would be 12n+34 silly.
Dwight: Oh! well how did you get that?
Philip:you see . what you were doing was ading 2 and 8. What you have to do its times 4 and 3 and you get 12n. and then times 4 and 8 and you get 32. so then you take the 2 and add it to 32. so you will end up with 12n+32. see!
Dwight: Ohhhh! I get it!
Philip: Exactly!

Dwight: Yes. Thank you Philip!
Philip: No problemo Dwight!


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