Mariahs great big book of algabra

Thursday, December 18, 2008
Integer Poetry Part 1

Adding Integers [cinquain]

confusing, recive
plus, total, combination
two plus two equals

Subtracting Integers [Tanka]

its time to subtract!
subtracting is very fun
when I subtract I
take away different numbers
dont you just love subtracting!

Partitive division [diamante]

group, part

2+4(3n+8) =

Chapter 2

Bob: hey there! how are you today ?
Charlie: well. not so good.
Bob: why is that?
Charlie: I have a math test on monday and I have the anwers to the math test, but I dont know how to solve them!
Bob: well maybe I can help you with them!
Charlie : that would be awesome thanks!
Bob: what is your first question?
Charlie: the first question is
n+3-5n+12 can you solve it.
Bob: hey thats easy the answer is -4+ 15
Charlie: wait wait .. ii have to check it first!
Bob: well..
Charlie: wow ! you got that one right. good for you Bob!
Bob: really well probly because it was easy.
Charile: yeah! would you like to try one more i never did?
Bob: shure okay we can both do it together.
Charlie: the question is
Charlie: got it!
Bob: hey me to!
Charlie: he answer is


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