The Great Big Book of Algebra

Friday, December 19, 2008
Chapter One: Math Poems

Adding Integers

Adding Integers
when you add your integers
think about money.

Subtracting Integers (Haiku)
Subtract integers
Just remember that you must
add the opposite.

Partitive Division (Cinquain)
Partitive division
easy, simple
partitioning, grouping, sharing
sharing numbers evenly

Quotative Division (Free Verse)
Quotative division is easy to do,
for example the numbers six and two,
How many times does two go into six?
The answer is three (its as easy as cake-mix).
Make six into two equal groups,
If you said the answer is two, (oops)
The right answer is actually three
Now get it right, or you'll get stung by a bee.

Chapter two

Mr. Guy: Oh my, you look like a really sad clown. What's wrong?
Mr. Clown: Well you see, I was walking home from clown school and these two kids were laughing. They called me all sorts of things, but the one that got me the most is when they called me dumb. They told me that I couldn't do algebra!
Mr Guy: Mr. Clown, don't feel sad. Kids used to say that to me too, but when i grew up I became a teacher. That showed them!
Mr Clown: If you're a teacher, would you mind helping me slove these two algebra questions?
Mr. Guy: Of course I will, Mr. Clown. What are the two questions?
Mr. Clown: The first one is n+3-5n+12.
Mr. Guy: Easy peasy! The answer to that is -6n+15.
Mr Clown: Oh, but how do you know? What were the steps?
Mr. Guy:Well first of all, I did my grouping. That is when you combine like terms. For this equation, the like terms were -5n+n. Always remember that an "n" by itself always equals 1. So in this case, the answer to combining those like terms is -6n.
Mr. Clown: Hm, I get it! Well, sort of. Go on, Mr. Guy.
Mr. Guy: The same goes for the second part. We must combine like terms again. in the second part of the question, we are adding the numbers with no letter signs. That means we are adding +3+12. The answer to that is +15. That's how we get -6+n+15. Simple right?
Mr. Clown: Yes! I get it! But I don't think that my second question will not be as easy! It has brackets.
Mr. Guy: Don't worry. What's the question?
Mr. Clown: This question is 2+4(3n+8). Not as easy, huh?
Mr. Guy: Well easy enough! The answer is 12n+10!
Mr. Clown: Oh no, Mr. Guy. That doesn't look right. I think you're supposed to multiply 4 and 8, not add 8 and 2. It just doesn't look right the way you're doing it.
Mr. Guy:I thought you didn't know how to do algebra?
Mr. Clown: What? OH, i guess i just remembered from my years in normal school.
Mr. Guy:Well, Mr. Clown. The answer is 12n+34. You did good, now put a smile on your face!
Mr. Clown: Thanks , Mr. Guy! But about the smile part. I dont think i could do that, because this is the way my face is painted!


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