The Great Big Book of Algebra

Thursday, December 4, 2008
Integer Poems
[ note: some of them are kind of boring, well mostly the free-verse and i don't know how to spell the multiplicitive inverse? ]

Adding integers; Cinquain
combining, gaining, increasing

the opposite of subtracting

Subtracting integers; Haiku
It does not exist
the difference
between numbers
add the opposite.

Partitive Division; Tanka
Groups of
sharing between many groups
fraction of some sort

the product of a question
multiplicitive inverse.

Quotative Division; free verse
how many ?
positive or negative integers
are in positives and negatives
this is sometimes impossible
but you are making groups

sometimes you need the

Pratts Law; free verse
when you've got an odd amount

there really is no need to count

all you need to remember is
odd is negative and even
is a positve
your sum will

always be correct

there is no need to fret.

chapter 2 ; combining like terms and distributive property
mommy: Hello daughter
daughter: hello mommy
mommy: anything worth learn
ing happen today?
daughter: not really, i have two math questions to do.
mommy: let's see them!
daughter: n+3-5n+12
and 2+4 (3n+8) what does this mean? and how can i do this.
mommy: let's do th
e first one n+3-5n+12
look at this question carefully do you reco
gnize anything?
daughter: yeah i see adding and subtracting but why is there an "n".
mommy: that represents a number, but we just don't know it yet.
daughter: ok then.

mommy: now combine like terms, it's when you add things that are alike. n+5n its like regular adding integers or when its just an "n" think of it as 1. n+5n=6n
daughter: i get it, you can subtract 12 and 3 to get 15! is that right?
mommy: Yes it is! and you can't add, for example 5+9n because those are not like terms. and remember its easier if you re-write it.
daughter: n+5n=6n and 3-12 equals 15 so now its ju
st 6n+ 15?
mommy: Right!
daughter: how about the second one!
2+4 (3n+8) we need to use the distributive property. which is like simplifying!
daughter: Ok how do i do that?
mommy: first you need to multiply the number next to the bracket with the two numbers on the inside of the bracket 2+4 (3n+8) so figure that out.
daughter: 4x3n= 1
2n and 4x8=32?
mommy: Yeah!
daughter: now what do i do with the 2?
mommy: It's kind
of like adding like terms,
daughter: 2+32? Oh! i get it! 32+2=34 then put it all together! 12n+34
mommy: Yeah! i know your right!

CHAPTER 3 :One Step Solving Equation
additive type , it is pretty much explained but i'll say it again. Always isolate the variable by doing the opposite. In additive it is subtractive so whatever you do to one side you do to the other. It's all shown in my picture. By the way it's the same picture as the one in my scribe.

This second one is subtractive which is really like adding.

third one is the division one? It looks different and when you isolate by using the opposite you would use multiplication.

this one is the muliplication one and sorry i don't remember what there called. This one is simple, well all of them are if you remember to isolate by using the opposite and know how to add,subtract,mulitply and divide :) i do this one two different ways i'll show you down there. This first one is what Mr.Harbeck uses.

I write it differently but it still works


  1. Rayna 8-16 said...

    I really love your colours; but it was a LITTLE hard to read. You get it LITTLE haha; well the font is really small. I liked your free verse it was well written.

    December 4, 2008 at 8:01 PM  

  2. Lissa 8-16 said...

    Hi Kelsey, I like your colours too! I thought it was cute in the script at the beginning that said:
    Mommy: hello daughter
    .. I dont know why .. but it just sounded cute. Your writing skills are very good, and I hope you keep it up! Awesome JOB!

    February 11, 2009 at 8:41 PM  

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