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Wednesday, December 3, 2008
Integer Poetry Chapter One

Adding Integers

Using zero pairs,
Negative and positive,
Please use have and owe.

Subtracting Integers

Its very simple,
You can't subtract integers,
Change the signs to solve,
Negative and positive,
Have and owe will help you lots.

Partitive Division

Large numbers, confusing signs,
Sharing, making, grouping,

Share into equal groups,


This is what you do,
Look at the set of numbers.
Please find what you need,
Then find the number of groups
That is what quotative is.

Free Verse:
Rule for multiplying

This is how you do the Pratt's Integer Law,
Follow it and you won't make any flaws,
Multiplying even amounts of negative integers is very easy,
But sometimes it can make you queasy,
The product is always positive right?
Don't worry numbers don't bite!
Lets move on to odd amounts of negative integers okay?
And also lets keep it my way,
The product will always be a negative get it?
There is one more thing I have to admit,
Both cannot work if its a zero group,
So, it's okay lets hear a big "whoop",
Well, there is lots to learn more tomorrow,
So give up with your cries of sorrow.

Chapter Two

Edward Cullen: Hi Bella!
Isabella Swan: Hi Edward! I have a question.
Edward Cullen: Okay, What is your question Bella?
Isabella Swan: Do you know anything about combining like terms?
Edward Cullen: Why, yes i do.
Isabella Swan: Do you know how to answer n+3-5n+12?
Edward Cullen: Well , you have to add the n+-5n which makes -4n and 3+12 equals 15. So, the answer is -4n+15.
Isabella Swan: What? I thought it was 6n+15?
Edward Cullen: Oh, I know what you are doing wrong, you are adding the n to -4. You can't add negative and positive integers together so you have to cancel it. Thats why it is -4n+15.
Isabella Swan: Oh... I got another question. But this if for Distributive Property. Do you know how to do Distributive Property?
Edward Cullen: Yeah, I do. Sort of.
Isabella Swan: Awesome, how do you do 2 + 4(3n+8)?
Edward Cullen: Well, you have to multiply 2 times 3n that makes 6n, then you multiply 2 by 8 and equals 16. Then you have to bring down the four, 6n+16+4. Now simply it 6n+20.
Isabella Swan: HAHA , sorry but that is incorrect.
Edward Cullen: NO! It is right, i am always right.
Isabella Swan: No, your wrong.
Edward Cullen: What did I do wrong?
Isabella Swan: You multiplied it wrong, you are supposed to multiply the 4 not the 2. So, this is how you do it. 4 times 3n equals 12n and 4 times 8 equals 32. You now bring down the 2. It is 2+12n+32, now you can simplify. The answer is 34+12n.
Edward Cullen: Aw, SHUCKS! I was so close, thanks for telling me how.
Isabella Swan: No problem.
Edward Cullen: Well, I have to go now.
Isabella Swan: Oh okay, bye Edward!
Edward Cullen: Bye Bella!

Chapter Three


You have to Isolate the the variable by itself so you have to times each side by 3. Then it equals to -n=18. Your variable cannot be a negative so you times each side by -1 because the negative on the variable is actually just a -1. The result is then n=-18. Everytime you solve a question you have to verify.


For this question, you also have to isolate the variable. Being able to do that, you have to add -33 to each side of the equation. That equals to 27=n, you then have to verify to check if your answer is correct.


On this question you have to also isolate the variable. So, you divide the 15 on both side. The answer to (n) is 12. PLEASE verify to check.


This is a subtractive question, you first have to change the "uh-ohs" into positives. Then you write out the question adding the -8 to each side. The variable is -14. Verify to check.

Chapter 4

The math video made by Abby and I.

math from melissa b on Vimeo.


  1. traceyS 8-16 said...

    Melissa ! Good job on your poems, there well done. Another thing is your use of colour. Well, there aren't really any other errors, so good job ! (:

    December 7, 2008 at 7:22 PM  

  2. Abby 8-16 said...

    Hey Melissa! You did a good job on your GBBOA! It was really creative because of the colours and stuff. I'd just like to point out that there's a picture from chapter three that was on chapter 2.

    February 11, 2009 at 8:08 PM  

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