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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Adding Integers
Put two and Two together
Find the correct Sum


Subtrcting is a easy task and really fun to do
and if you're asking me for help,
here are some tips for you: look at the second integer,
take it for the spin, turn it into the additive inverse, and in the space
put it back in. Now add the two numbers together and that's the answer
see? Now remember: For tips on your homework,
find yours truly, ask me.


Take one integer
Split it into quantities
According to the
Second integer in the
Question. You get the Quotient.


Partitive Division,
It's really not that hard,
now that I've come to think of it
it's just like dealing cards!
Just take the second number,
and make groups equal to it
now look at all the work you've done
you're already half way through it!
Now take the first integer and split it between the squares,
now that that you have your work done, look off into space and stare...


If signs are the same,
the product is positive.
If signs differ
the product is negetive
Multiplying is easy.


Hey Rick! You done the homework Mr.Hakamura gave us? 1 Nooooo........... Why aren't you done??????? 1It's too hard.......... 3WHAT DO YOU MEAN TOO HARD?????? I finished it in like 2 minutes! Aren't you at the top of the class Julia? Yeah, and Randy's at he bottom of the class! He's done too!!! Ohhhhhhhhh............. Hey, you're a ninja for hire. Isn't the code ninjas never give up? yeah..... Okay. Here's the problem 2 + 4(3n + 8) I think the problem is 12n + 10 but the teacher's answers say otherwise! 2What do you mean the teacher's answers?????? 3JULIA, AM I OR AM I NOT A NINJA? Sorry! Sheesh, spaz... Anyway, back to the point. HOW IN THE NAME OF ASHTON KUTCHER AM I GOING TO FINISH HIS HOMEWORK BY 3RD PERIOD??????!!!!!!!!! RICK, RICK, RELAX!! Chill. you really need some mellow yellow and chill calm the heck down. OK, OK. I'm fine now. okay I'll just write out the question and you can help me solve it. after this I have one more to solve. Okay. What's the question? 2 + 4(3n + 8). Okay. do do the problem right, first, you need to take the 4 and multiply it by 3n. Then do the same with 8. Then, get rid of the 4 all together. You're done with it. Okay. the equation is now... 2 + 12n + 32. now you need to add the constants up and then you're done. Thanks julia. You were a real help.


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    Hey Brandon , Nice color scheme. Green and Red christmas colors :) Well anyways, Good Job.

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