Word Problems

Wednesday, February 4, 2009
Hi everyone today I'm going to talk about the test I did Which I got 16.5 out of 20.
I'm going to talk about three question to explain how to do word problems using algebra.
The first one would be,
Suppose you have $40 and earn $7 per hour. How many hours must you work until you have $131?

Mr. Piper's plumbing needed repairs. The plumber charged $98 for parts plus $45 per hour of labor. If the bill totaled $458, how many hour of labor wee required?

Mo is thinking of a number. Eleven more than one third of the number is -1

(Sorry I forgot how to do number six but if you know how comment me so I can learn it. The question is: A rectangular garden plot is 8m longer than it's wide. Find the dimension of the garden plot if it has a perimeter of 36 m.)Please leave a comment........:]:):>


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