Thursday, February 26, 2009

This man is Pythagoras.
Pythagoras made the proof of the right triangles. Pythagoras was a teacher and a Philosopher he is a very important person to mathematics. Pythagoras made the Pythagorean theorem which is:

This theorem is saying that A and B have a relationship with C:

Now we move to Triangles

Triangles are also called R.A.T. a right angle triangle. A right triangle has a hypotenuse the longest side to a triangle. A R.A.T also has legs and the right angle. There are also symbols in the corners of the triangle called theta and beta. Theta looks like a circle with a slash in the middle and beta looks like a B with a tail.

Now into Squares and Rectangles:

Squares and rectangles are in a group called quadrilaterals they have 4 sides and if you put 2 triangles you make a square or rectangle. They all make 360 degrees inside. A square has 4 equal sides and a rectangle has 2 long sides and 2 short sides.

Now on to 2 math problem

This one you have to find the bottom length.




square root b² is B and the square root of 36 is 6 but there are two so you add 6+6 and the length side is 12mm.

Another Math problem

Firstly you can see that going around isn't the answer you cut across the yellow square find the side of C.

AxA + BxB = CxC
10x10 + 12x12=CxC
Square root 244 and you will get 15.6

Now you have the purple square you just add the bottom length so 10mm+ 2mm= 12mm
That is the shortest distance to A and B.

Movie will be uploaded soon.


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