Thursday, February 19, 2009
The first thing is a right triangle it is also call R.A.T or a Right Angle Triangle. The right triangle has a 90 degree angle. do you see the the symbol at the top corner of the picture, that's the THETA. And do you see the symbol in the bottom right corner, that is the BETA. These angles both equal up to 90 degrees, which is called COMPLEMENTARY. The longest line in the triangle is called the hypotenuse and is always labeled C. The other two sides are called the legs which are always labeled as A or B it doesn't matter which is on each side.

The second thing is PYTHAGORAS. He made or you could say he proved the PYTHAGOREAN THEOREM. He is a Vegan, and a teacher. He really likes music and math. Some people call him the father of math. He discovered the circumference of the world, and figured out that the Sun goes around the Earth.

The third picture is the PYTHAGOREAN THEOREM.

The last thing is a square.
It has four 90 degree angles.
The internal angle is 360 degrees.
You can make two right triangles out of the square by cutting it from one of the corners to the opposite corner. The lines on the square tells you that all sides are equal it is called lines of symmetry, which means that this is a square and not a rectangle. If all sides are the same it is a square if you don't know if it is a square it is a rectangle till you can prove it is a square.

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