Scribe Post for February 18th

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Okay peoples, so in math today we went over the Pythagoras theory thing. So if you weren't listening then keep reading cause Im going to say everything we did in class (well almost everything (: ).

So what we discovered about pythagoras was that he was a greek guy who discovered the proof of the right triangle, and this is how it works.

so here we have right triangle

Right triangles of course have a right angle hence the name "right" triangle. Now a right triangle must have a 90 degree angle. So were would this 90 degree angle be?

See where the the little box is around the corner there, well it is marking where the right angle is. Thats how we know it is a right angle! Get it yet?

We also discovered that the to other angles which are called Theta and Beta equal 45 degrees.

But wait, theta and beta don't always have to be 45 degrees each. We did 45 degrees each because 4s is half of 90 and 45x2+90! see where we are going with this?

As long as theta and beta together equal 90 you good to go!

Now that we have covered the angles of the triangle lets move on.

So what I am getting to with the triangles is that when you put to right triangles together your going to get a square! OH SNAP!

so this is how it looks

so 2 right triangle equals a square!
but remember it wil only work if theta and beta angles equal 90 degrees.
You can also do the same thing with rectangles the only difference is that all the sides aren't equal!
And there we have it!
If you weren't paying attentiong in class hopefully this helps you!


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