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Monday, February 23, 2009
Eunice Anne
February 26, 2009
8-16 (:

is a Greek mathematician and scientist, born between 580 and 572, then he died between 500 and 490 BC. he founded the religion movement called "pythagoreanism". he's best known for the Pythagorean theorem. Pythagoras and his students believed that everything is related to mathematics and that numbers were ultimate reality and everything could be predicted and measured in rhythmic patterns or cycle. with very strict rules of conduct Pythagoras undertook a reform of the cultural life of croton, urging the citizens to follow virtue and form an elite circle of followers around himself called Pythagoreans. he and his students lived at the school he opened, the student is required to be vegetarians. Pythagoras is also the first man to use music as medicine. his disciples would sing hymns to Apollo together regularly. they used lyre to cure illness of the soul or body; they recited poems after sleeping to aid the memory. he died around 90 years old for unknown reason. it was sad that the influence of Pythagoras on Plato and other was so great that he could be considered the most influential of all western philosophers.

According to Pythagoras...

To understand Pythagoras, you must know the meaning of the sides of he right triangle and the right triangle itself.

  • Right Triangle- a triangle in which one of the sides measure 90 degrees
  • Legs- the two sides of the triangle that make up the right angle of the right triangle
  • Hypotenuse- is the longest side of the right triangle
  • R.A.T- is the right angle triangle
  • Greek- is the native language of Greece
  • Theorem- is a law or principle that is tested and argued

I care about grade 8 math because it is a preparation or introduction for the future lessons especially in math and in higher sciences. Also, I just want to have a good mark.

- a square has all equal sides
- all sides of the square is 90 degrees
- a whole square has 360 degrees because if you add all of the 90s you get 360

- internal angles

R.A.T: Right Angle Triangle
- all right angles are 90 degrees
- whole triangle is equal to 180 degrees.

- right angle triangle
- right angle = 90 degrees
- triangle=90 degrees When two angles equal up to 90 degrees they are called COMPLIMENTARY angles that make a straight line equal 180 degrees and the two angles are called SUPPLEMENTARY.

- all sides equal
- quadrilaterals
- internal angles

-sides are 90 degrees
- rectangle= 360 degrees


- a and b make up the legs of the right triangle
- c= hypotenuse
= it is the longest legs of the right angle
- is always across the right angle

Pythagorean Theorem
- the Pythagorean theorem was started by Pythagoras
- it helps you find the c or the hypotenuse or the longest side of the triangle

- 4x4+3x3=25
this square used to be 2 squares. I added them both up to make an equal square. 4x4+3x3=25 then after I have to find a number that ...... (ask mom for help)

Pythagoras Theorem


Another one proof:

Finding the sides of the square:

Pythagoras Homework:

A checkerboard is made of 64 small squares that each have a dimension of 3 cmx3cm. The 64 small squares are arranged in eight rows of eight.

My videos:

Those are all the things that I have learnt in this whole Pythagoras unit. I hoped you liked the pictures and enjoyed my presentation. I apologize for future drawing mistakes if I have. I hoped I helped you understand Pythagoras. I sure did enjoy explaining and making pictures. x) Until next time... BYE! :) :D <3


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