Phythogoras [Pie-toe-grass]

Saturday, February 21, 2009
So yea lets get to it.

The mans name is Phythagoras, he proved the Phythagorean Theorem. He was a vegan, I guess thats why he's smart. Anyways he was a philosopher or teacher, he's really into math. Some recall him as the father of math. He also discovered the circumference of the earth, he also found out us, earth orbits around the sun.

This is a right angle triangle. R.A.T. is a right angle triangle, a rat is 90 degree's. Q is known as theta and B down there is Beta, if you add up all of the angle's it has to equal 90 degrees. It doesnt matter how much each angle is, but it has to equal 90 degrees. The longest side of the triangle is called the Hypotenuse and is labeled C in the picture above. It has to be always labeled as C, while the other legs, Q and B it doesnt really matter how you order either one.

This is an image of the Phythagorean Theorem.

This is a square :D

The square has 4 equal side's that measures 90 degree each, so the all around measure of the square is 360 degrees. If you cut the square in half of the opposite sides, you will get 2 equal right angle triangles. The lines of symmetry are on each sides, these lines tell you if the lines are equal and its a square. If all of the sides are equal its a square, if its not then its probably a rectangle.

So yeah i guess were finished

Phythogoras Problems

Problem 1 with answer

Problem 2 with answer

This is our Phythagoras video ft. JP, Bobby, and Jay


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