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Tuesday, March 3, 2009
The Following times were recorded, in seconds. For the runners in a race.
20.2, 16.5, 40.4, 18.5, 21.4, 20.5, 17.1, 24.5, 19.0
What is the range of the times?
What are the mean and median of the times?
Identify any possible outliers. Should the Outlier(s) be removed from the data set?

The first thing you should do is arrange the data set in ascending order.

16.5, 17.1, 18.5, 19.0, 20.2, 20.5, 21.4, 24.5, 40.4
We will start with the range
to get the range you must take the greatest number and subtract the least from it.
Greatest - least = range
40.4 - 16.5 = 23.9
Next we will find the median this is where the ordering in ascending order comes in handy.
You have to find the middle number one way is to get rid of the ends so until you only have one or two numbers in the middle.

To get the mean you need to add up all the numbers in the data set and divide by how many numbers in the data set.

sum of all data 198.1
_________________ = 22.01

number of data 9

last we will find the outlier if there is one an outlier is a number that doesn't fit in in this case all the numbers are less than 25 but one which is 40.4 it is an outlier. sometimes an outlier will kill the set of data and destroy the mean with the outlier the mean is 22.o1 without the outlier it is 19.71 Sometimes it is smart to take out the outlier before finding the mean. For example it is smart to take it out so it doesn't completely mess up the mean.

we also did some triangles here are two of them of them.


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