Scribe Post for March 13, 2009

Friday, March 13, 2009
I get to do a scribe post on Friday the 13th! Aren't I so lucky? (:

Okay so today in class, we added a few new things onto that big sheet with the square roots on it. We made sure that there was numbers 0 to 21 in the top number line.

Here's what we did on the top number line on the big sheet. I'm not going to do the whole thing though, only 0-5 (the words in the red are what we added) :

What we had to add here is what the square root would look like as a fraction. The 0 and 1 start off normally, but then after there's a mixed fraction. Let's look closely at how we got the numbers for this mixed fraction:

We do this for the next 15 numbers on the number line.

Here what we did for the second number line on the big sheet (the words in the red are what we added) :

For this number line, we had to add what the numbers on the bottom are when they are squared, and include the square root sign with them. We do this for the rest of the 15 numbers (the second row also has to have the number 0-21). After we finished the second number line, we had to find patterns within the number line. One pattern that my table group and I found is that the square root numbers on the top increase by odd numbers.

  • On the back of the big sheet, write out how many patterns you can find on the number lines.

I hope this blog helped anyone who was away from school today! I was kind of having a hard time explaining things, so please comment if you think I missed out something! Have a great weekend guys! (:

The next scribe post-er I choose is .. FRANCIS!


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