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Monday, May 11, 2009
Adding Fraction:

Well what I've learned about adding fractions from all the teaching Mr.H taught us, I actually found that adding fractions were simple. Just like 1 2 and 3

And just like I said...1

Perhaps the question was 5/9 + 1/3..
The first step would be to do cross multiplication...


you then simply add the two numerators(15 and 9)

and the last step......3

To simplify your answer to the lowest terms, you find the number that is able to divide the numerator and denomerator and the number happens to be 3...

Subtraction is the exact same thing as adding fractions but at the second step you just subtract instead.

Now for adding when you have a mixed number is also very simple, if you think that adding fractions were difficult at this point you must be crazy.

Adding Mixed Fractions

Step 1:

Perhaps the question was....2 4/9 + 5 1/2
You just add the whole fractions together first (2 and 5) which will equal 7

now what would be left is 4/9 and 1/2, so now you do the procedure as if this question was like the very first one in this post.

Your answer should now be 17/18 and all you do now is put the two answers together which would become 7 17/18

Now here's a presentation for multiplying and dividing fractions....

This is the end of my final post for FRACTIONS



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