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Friday, May 8, 2009
Finally...... Fraction is over and I think I learned enough of what I need to learn for the exam....If you need some help, you can look at What I've learned if you still don't know how...
AdDiNg FrAcTiOn

Adding Fraction is easy if you know how to add numbers and things.

-The first thing you need to do is make the denominators of each fraction same equal pieces

-you do that by multiplying the denominators and whatever the answer is will be you equal pieces.

-After that you multiply the numerators by how you got the equal pieces answer by multiplying the (9xsomething) if you got the answe (36) then if you multiply the 9 by 4 then you multiply the 8 by 4 too, you do that with the other one too..

-if you got the numerators then add it.

If you want to check it, you check it with drawing it...

SuBtRaCtInG fRaCtIoN

-Subtracting is almost the same as Adding Fraction except that in the end you subtract the numerators and get the answer

-I'm not going to expalin it but you can tell by the picture....

Mixed numbers on ADDING

MuLtIpLyInG FrAcTiOn

Multiplying Fractions is just the same as Adding Fractions and Subtracting but the one that messes it up is the little multiplication sign on the middle

-Multiplying fractions are easy because all you do is multiply the denominators and the numerators.

9 2 18

- x - = -

10 3 30

All this means is that 9/10 groups of 2/3 is 18/30 simplified into 9/15.\

Mixed Fractions on Multiplying

DiViDiNg FrAcTiOnS

Dividing Fractions is easy if you know the word Reciprocal

Instead explaining it to you I can show it in pictures

WoRd PrObLeMs To SoLvE


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