Multiplying Fractions- Homework

Tuesday, April 28, 2009
Eunice Cadao
Gian Bailon
April 28 2009

In Mr. Harbeck's class today we corrected our math homework. Our math homework was about multiplying fractions and today too we our homework was about multiplying fractions. Me and Gian diceded to split our math homework in half.

9. The distance to Grandma's house is 4/5 of the distance to Uncle Glen's house. If Uncle Glen's house is 3 1/2 hours away, how long will it take to get to Grandman's house if you travel at the same speed?

It will take 15 8/10 hours to travel to grandma's house if you travel at the same speed.

10. It takes 3/5 of a tank of gas to get to work and back each day. How much gas is used over 5 work days? Show your thinking.

This question is hard. I didn't know how to multiply mixed fractions with whole numbers so I asked and all you do is that when you're multiplying fractions with whole numbers, consider the whole number is the numerator and your denominator would be 1.

11. Owen is 2 1/4 times as old as Robin. When Robin celebrates his 8th brithday, how old will Owen be?

12. The karate club is arranging a grading for its member. It takes 3 1/4 hours to test a group of 4 candidates. How long will the club need the gym in order to process 3 groups of 4 candidates each?


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